Let’s Gossip about some gorgeous spaces…

You are about to learn that, when it comes to TV viewing options, I am most definitely 31 going on 21, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive my tastes in TV programmes, as today my inspiring images come from none other than the Gossip Girl set.

This post was actually inspired by a client of mine who spotted a desk in the glamorous Lily Van Der Woodsen’s study (and let’s be honest who doesn’t love her style) with a note saying “I want this desk please!”

Having trawled TV websites for some further good quality shots of the Van Der Woodsen’s Upper East side apartment, I hope you’ll agree that these really are gorgeously put together rooms (and therefore please do try to forgive me for the teen TV viewing!). S x

This is the desk, isn't it gorgeous? And I love the chandelier and Missoni covered Eames chair too


I absolutely love the burlesque vibe of the shaded chandelier against the shaggy red carpet and the beautiful Norman Cherner chairs


The turquoise throw, splash of red on the back walls and Tom Dixon's fresh fat bowl made from extruded plastic give this room its wow factor


I love nothing more than filling a table with books, pictures and other trinkets - this one would be an absolute dream to fill!