The sweetest shelving

This inspired my first post for 2012, plus I have just been commissioned to design a library for a client so I have been pulling together some inspirational images. Here are my favourites from the 100s of gorgeously fun shelves I found…

I also couldn’t resist this – think I may get it printed out and framed for our bedroom.

Until next time! Sarah x

Laundry luxury

Since moving to London I have always lived in house shares or tiny flats, so there has rarely been a day go by that I didn’t enter a room draped in wet washing. Wet washing, half-dry washing, dry washing, ironed sheets, un-ironed sheets; the washing cycle of life means that there is always washing that either needs to be done, or has just been done, somewhere in the home. For me, with either a plethora of flatmates and/or very little hanging space, this has resulted in living literally with my washing for the last 8 years! Whether draped on banisters, hung over tops of doors, hanging over the end of the bed or lying flat on the kitchen table (‘hand wash only. Dry flat…’) it would be absolute heaven for me to have a laundry room.

If someone asked you to name your favourite room in the house, or the room that made you feel most spoilt/ content, I am sure that the laundry would be at the bottom of many peoples lists but, for me, the thought of a little laundry room is extravagantly decadent. On that note I have found some beautiful laundries that I will covet until I find space big enough to finally squeeze one in.