Time for Teal…

Teal last featured heavily on the AW 2009 catwalks, paired with bright oranges and rich mustards, and I personally feel it’s time to drag those 09 teal pieces out of the wardrobe and mix them up with this season’s newer shades. Why? Because teal works amazingly next to this season’s pastel pinks and corals, and also sits well alongside the equally ‘trendy’ neon oranges. It looks great with yellow (another SS12 hit) and works fantastically as a pop of colour against any neutral and whites (and when did they ever go out of fashion?).

So I suggest that you follow my lead and inject some teal into your rooms this season. Whether it’s a pop of colour on some cushions or a lampshade (James Hare makes the most beautiful deep teal silks), a splash of teal on a wall (Paint & Paper Library’s ‘Teal’ is gorgeous) or some teal upholstery (John Lewis’s Ravel chair comes in teal and is a purse friendly £399 – check it out below) these are really simple ways to introduce this gorgeous colour into your home.

John Lewis's ravel chair is an economic way of bringing a real splash of teal into a room

As always, here are a few more of my favourite rooms and pieces displaying this gorgeously versatile colour, showing how it works in both casual and smart surroundings, as an accent or as a leading color in a scheme…

Here it looks wonderful with a splash of 'so on-trend' neon orange. I particularly love the dog tooth fabric on the cushions


...and speaking of dogtooth I absolutely adore this lampshade from Folksy. Hand-made in Briatin there are only 3 available - go check it out on their gorgeous little site now: http://www.folksy.com


This one shows how well teal can work in a contemporary setting - I love these egg-shaped chairs and this powder-soft version of teal is a softer. easier way to use the colour


Teal also works really well with a variety of wood finishes, especially rich oak and walnut finishes. I love the beige sheer behind this bed; so simple but so very effective


This room, styled by the talented Emma Thomas, (http://emma-thomas.com) balances the braveness of a bright teal wall with a softer, spring-inspired wall mural


Let’s Gossip about some gorgeous spaces…

You are about to learn that, when it comes to TV viewing options, I am most definitely 31 going on 21, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive my tastes in TV programmes, as today my inspiring images come from none other than the Gossip Girl set.

This post was actually inspired by a client of mine who spotted a desk in the glamorous Lily Van Der Woodsen’s study (and let’s be honest who doesn’t love her style) with a note saying “I want this desk please!”

Having trawled TV websites for some further good quality shots of the Van Der Woodsen’s Upper East side apartment, I hope you’ll agree that these really are gorgeously put together rooms (and therefore please do try to forgive me for the teen TV viewing!). S x

This is the desk, isn't it gorgeous? And I love the chandelier and Missoni covered Eames chair too


I absolutely love the burlesque vibe of the shaded chandelier against the shaggy red carpet and the beautiful Norman Cherner chairs


The turquoise throw, splash of red on the back walls and Tom Dixon's fresh fat bowl made from extruded plastic give this room its wow factor


I love nothing more than filling a table with books, pictures and other trinkets - this one would be an absolute dream to fill!



The Talented Clare Ormerod

I recently discovered the fun, whimsical paintings of Clare Ormerod, who recently drew me this gorgeous little picture of a client’s black labrador:


She captured his doe eyes so beautifully that I just had to share it, along with some of her other works (more can also be found at http://www.clareormerod.com – and you can also check her out on my blog roll). She is fantastic at sketching up cute little illustrations of your favourite pets from photos that you send her, and also does some wonderful drawings of  houses – all of which I have found make wonderful presents to clients, family and friends.

Clare is so accomodating and helpful (she turned my picture around for a client so quickly!) and and is an absolute pleasure to share emails with.

Here are a few more of her lovely pieces… Sarah x


Baby W’s nursery styling

Designing a baby’s nursery has to be one of the hardest residential design challenges. Namely because you are designing for a little man (or woman!) who you haven’t even met yet and everything you buy for the room will need changing in 12 months! So what you need are some simple, fun little ideas to jazz up a room and capture your little one’s imagination. The space should be fun and colourful, but also relaxing for you because, let’s face it, you are going to potentially spend many hours in there rocking your new delivery to sleep… Here are some of my favourite, simple ideas, created especially for my closest’s friend’s little baby W-to-be!.. 


A winter wonderland of whites

I do LOVE snow. All that gorgeous whiteness, the silence it coats everything with, and the way it changes the light makes me very very happy. In homage to the wonderful white stuff I thought I would share some gorgeous wintry-white rooms with you on this very chilly February afternoon.