Some conceptual thinking

So it looks (fingers crossed) like we are moving into a new pad; a beautiful, blank-canvas of a pad actually, and despite the lack of any contract signing to date(?!), I have already pulled together concepts for the Living room, Master suite and Kitchen. Concepts – for those not in the know – are pulled together to inspire, and then guide and cement, your scheme throughout the design process. Here are the first three for my brand new home sweet home…

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A space (and some rather lovely food) for the soul

Two down; four to go, and project number three comes in the form of a hospitality brief. All I know so far is that the client is a high-end, renowned restauranteur/ restaurant chain… Watch this space for more details, but in the mean time I thought I would share a selection of my all time favourite eating and drinking spaces…enjoy!

Words of wisdom

It’s not just beautiful spaces that make me happy. Beautiful words can make me smile just as often, and just as much. Here are some of my favourites…

Saw these: Loved them

Saw these: Loved them: Was utterly inspired: That’s it…